Are you focused on what you want or the weeds?

Always remember, your focus determines your reality.George Lucas

I don’t know about you, but there are times in my life when it seems there has been one too many painful things causing hurt to myself or those I love.  Many people claim that these events come in 3’s and I’m not sure if I’d say that, but they seem to come together.  Whether it be a death, an illness, a lost job or world events, it seems as though these things pile up at times, leaving me feeling a bit lower than my usual self and feeling powerless.  This is how it’s felt for me lately.


Although I don’t go through these periods too often, when I do, it’s critical that I have a “pull myself out of the weeds” game plan.  I love the quote by Abraham Hicks that states, “The situation isn’t the reason I feel this way, my focus is the reason I feel this way.”    I like to remind myself of this frequently when I am going through a time like this.


My initial step in my “pulling myself out of the weeds” game plan is addressing the emotion behind what is happening.  I am a firm believer in naming and processing an emotion, I think there is nothing more important for emotional, physical and mental health, than processing an emotion.  Left unprocessed, emotions will drive my actions  and reside in my mind and body, manifesting in an undesired manner at one point or another.  Bottom line, you can’t bury an emotion.


That being said, once I’ve named and processed an emotion, which doesn’t have to take very long, I then decide what it is I want to feel and create instead.  Two of my most desired emotions to embody are love and joy.  So, I shift my focus once I’ve dealt with the lower emotion and start asking myself, what actions can I take to bring more love and joy in my life?  One of my immediate goto’s in creating these two emotions is a practice of gratitude.  Making sure I start my day naming and focusing on at least five things I am most grateful for in my life.  Another one, is looking around me for people who could use a pick me up; a little extra love, an extra hand.  Nothing shifts my focus more than helping others to feel better.  The last thing that is crucial is making sure I am surrounding myself with positive people, positive music, positive messages and positive everything.  To sustain a positive, higher vibration, it’s important to select a support system that promotes a positive focus.  (As discussed in my previous blog: who is getting the best of you?)


I can reflect on so many individuals throughout history that have been in horrible situations and have risen above to create a massive shift in the world, by simply training their mind to focus on what they want to be present and to create in their life.  Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks, are just a few that come to mind.


Out of extremely uncomfortable and horrible circumstances, these people rose strong and changed history.  Each one of these individuals were once in their own set of weeds and one decision changed everything for all of us because they decided to focus on what they wanted to create.  How inspiring is that?  If they had focused on the weeds, so many pivotal events and shifts in our world would not have taken place.


So, I leave you with this question, we are all human and can easily fall into our own set of weeds.  What is your “pull yourself out of the weeds game plan?”  There are two paths you can take, to stay focused on the weeds, also known as staying stuck, or get into action and move through the weeds, changing your entire focus and creating some amazing possibilities.  What if you are meant to be the next “history changer” and you are too hung up on your weeds?  We are all one decision away from an entirely different life. Which are you going to choose?When you change the way you look at things, things you look at change.Wayne Dyer


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