Is what you are committed to holding you back?


You are committed to exactly how your life looks at this very moment, as am I.  Many of the commitments that are present may be ones that you are completely unaware of, yet they are driving your life and shaping how it looks on a day-to-day basis.  Going unrecognized, these commitments can side swipe your life, dreams, and desires and leave you unfulfilled.


It’ s so important for me to reevaluate frequently to make sure I am on the path that supports my dreams and the life I want.  If I don’t (just like anyone else), before I know it, I’m left feeling unfulfilled, due to an old commitment that has resurfaced.  A couple of my historical commitments that resurface and don’t serve me, are: I don’t have enough time and the grass is always greener.  The “not having enough time” commitment robs me of enjoying my life because I’m always feeling pressure and rushed.  Whatever I focus on expands, so if I’m focused on never having enough time, I will settle for less than what is possible for my life.   It makes me feel like quitting before I start and positions me to be defeated.  The “grass is always greener” commitment is an old one that creeps up and is quite similar to not having enough time.  In thinking that the grass is always greener, I think, I would be happier if I had this, looked like this, lived there instead.  It’s a completely powerless position, one that doesn’t allow me to enjoy the present moment.


The struggle you are facingis a test to seeif you are trulycommitted tothe life you saYyou want


You see, my most important commitment is to live a life dedicated to my faith and spirituality, my family and friends, health and wellness and making a contribution to the world.  However,  my old commitments and my most important ones cannot coexist, it’s either one or the other.


Over the past 17 years of working one-on-one with individuals, as a personal trainer and coach, I have seen some very common commitments emerge.  The following are just a few examples of some that I have seen, ones that have robbed my clients of the best results and their dreams.  These include, but are not limited to: turning goals and commitments into obligations instead of owning the decision to make healthy lifestyle changes, they in turn feel like they have a monkey on their back, as they have 101 obligations. These include, “I should eat healthy, I shouldn’t eat this, I should have exercised.”  This turns commitments into attachment and sucks the inspiration and life out of the goal and dream.  This is the one of the best ways to kill your goals and despise any commitments that were once an exciting possibility in your life.  This is self sabotage at its finest expression.


More common ones are “I’m too busy” or “I’m too tired.”  Many of the people who have the “I’m too busy” commitment, myself included at times, are simply letting their lives run them, not operating from what their most important priorities are and are usually stuck in a victim mentality.  “I’m too tired” is another common one that leaves us feeling defeated before we get started.


Are any of these expressions or ways of being familiar to you?  What are the commitments that are holding you back from living the life of your dreams?  Until these undeclared commitments  are exposed they will destroy any chance of you achieving the life of your dreams.  I invite you to expose them and stop giving them oxygen.


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