Let IT Go

Be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop.

I have been in a season of letting go for a while now.  It seems appropriate that it has ramped up more recently, right in the middle of the fall season.  The leaves are doing the very same thing and in a very short amount of time we will be beginning a new year.    Nothing feels better than starting fresh and being lighter than ever before.

Although I have been on a path of minimalism for the past year at the very least, the desire for this simplistic way of living continues to feel SO liberating, refreshing and fitting for where I am at in my life.

I was recently listening to one of my favorite podcasts (check it out ASAP, she is the best of the best), The Life Coaching School with Brooke Castillo, episode # 184, titled “Organize your Mind.”   In the podcast, she mentions the idea of organizing and getting rid of anything that doesn’t serve you, including relationships, material stuff and any beliefs or stories dominating your mind.

I love this approach so much because I want to maximize my time doing the things that matter most for this very short time that I am here.  The more “stuff” I have in my life wether it be material, emotional or anything else that exists that doesn’t support my best self, creates a barrier to me being fully present and well.

If it’s material, I have to take care of it, because as far as I am concerned what takes up physical space in your environment, takes up space in your mind as well.  Cluttered environment = cluttered mind.

Let’s take a look at the relationships that no longer support you to be your best self. Are there relationships that you hold onto because of history or you don’t want to disappoint the other person?  In all reality, if you realize that the relationship is not beneficial and supporting your/their best self, the other person will experience incongruence in your energy vs. how you show up and it will result in inauthenticity.  Consequently, it will be a relationship that feels off and perhaps forced, undermining both of you.

How about any grudges or people you haven’t forgiven?  Many people don’t realize how big of a block this can be to living a fully realized life.  Maybe it’s time you let go of a grudge or an offense…  You after all, are choosing to be stuck in the past, because of a hurt that you are holding onto.  Do you have to resume a relationship with this individual?  Absolutely not.   Do you want your power back, aka keys to your kingdom?  Let go of that grudge, and while you are at it, forgive yourself, let yourself off the hook.

Are there people that you talk to regularly that it’s more out of habit than from a place of desire and intention?  Choose wisely.

How about stories that you claim to be “true” that are holding you or the people around you down?  We forget that we have a say in our thought world, we have a choice in wether or not we accept them or let them go.  Do your thoughts and stories support your dreams and your best self?  Do they support your inner circles’ best?

How about those emotions?  Which ones do you gravitate towards and feel all too often? We also have a say in this matter.  Are you indulging in self defeat, one of my default emotions that I have to be aware of consistently,  or are you intentionally creating positive emotions?

My experience is that the human mind operates out of survival and tends to gravitate toward the lower emotions if not directed otherwise.  Life is too short to let your dreams and best version of yourself be undermined by these lower emotions.

And so, this year I am letting go of many things, not limited to: anything I don’t cherish or use in my house, any relationships that aren’t serving me or the other person to create more good in this world, any habits that distract me from fulfilling my hearts desire,  the need to be perfect and many other thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are holding me back from rising to the very best that I can be.

It’s the perfect time to let go.  So, my friends, what are you choosing to let go?


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