42 and Botox


I can’t tell you how many times over the past 5 to 7 years I have thought of getting, researched and asked opinions of people on their view of Botox.  There have been many times I have thought how nice it would be to look a little less aged and look like I did back when I was  30.  I have many friends who use the product and who LOVE it.

As I was reflecting most recently on turning 42 and aging, still contemplating getting BOTOX to smooth out the lines that have become part of the most recent “me,”  I thought about how much all of these lines tell the story of contrast in my life up to this point.  So, I thought it would be fitting to document my lines and flaws, in case I do in the future get Botox or any other cosmetic surgery.

The reasons why I have the lines I have up until my 42nd year are an effect of all of the joy and pain I’ve experienced throughout the years.   The horizontal lines on my forehead represent worry that I have experienced.  Worrying about my future, about the people I care about so much and if I am living my life in a way that will bring me pride when I look back many years from now,  if I am blessed to make it to a much older age.  I have smile lines, which represent all of the joy I have experienced thus far, most notably the addition of my two sons, and the times I’ve spent with friends and family being silly and laughing a whole lot.  I have some dark circles and puffiness due to the many sleepless nights, from the blessings my husband and I named Kai Patrick and Niko Elijah.  I have more lines than I would have if I’d lived in a lower altitude environment, due to more sun exposure although I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed the 300+ days of sunshine that Colorado has had to offer me the past 18 years.  Another cause of my forehead lines are from losing my best friend at 36 and my step dad at 58.  I don’t believe I have cried that much in my entire life but I wouldn’t want to ever go back and skip grieving for those precious lives if I  had to do it over again.

You see, without the pain, I wouldn’t know joy .  Without the loss, I wouldn’t appreciate what I have so much.  I firmly believe in the quote, “aging is a privilege denied to many.”  Do I want to try to hide the stories of my life that have accumulated on my face and body?  Or, do I want to wear them as a badge of honor of the precious time I have been given to experience the beautiful, joyful and painful moments that have made up this life?

Honestly, I have no idea if I will ever end up getting botox or any type of cosmetic surgery.  The bottom line is that I don’t think there is a right or a wrong decision in getting either one for that matter.

I do know that I am so thankful and blessed for my life.  For the lines I’ve been privileged to accumulate.  EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.  What do the lines and marks on your body reveal about you and your life stories?

Love every moment, friends.

Those aren't gray hairs . They're strands of glitter growing from my head.-2


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