The Secret to Losing Weight


Over the past couple of years I have discovered the number one secret to losing weight.


Ready for it?


It is: to embody the loving scientist, abandon your inner judge and cultivate an inner cheerleader.


We are wired to judge ourselves, others and our circumstances as a way to survive. This was great during the times of the saber tooth tiger, but isn’t useful and often becomes our biggest obstacle when trying to lose weight nowadays.


Many of my clients, myself included, have embodied the judge while trying to lose weight. But the judge informs us of all the things we aren’t doing right and that it would be more beneficial to stop trying all together. This is why most people give up on their goals. Their inner judge convinces them to quit.


So, you ask, what is this “loving scientist” way? The loving scientist approach is consciously deciding to abandon your inner judge. Notice it and redirect. The loving scientist takes a look at your journey periodically and asks: what went well? What didn’t work so well? And what could I do differently? The loving scientist makes adjustments as needed to figure out what works best.


The next equally important step: cultivate an inner cheerleader. What does this mean? Celebrate the heck out of your wins.


What are your wins? Anything that you want to keep repeating that is instrumental to weight loss success. Celebrate them by cultivating a narrative that makes you the hero and the badass of the journey. If you aren’t making your brain excited about your wins it’s going to want to stop all together or pursue a quick hit of dopamine in the form of your favorite food.


I can promise that you will see amazing results by implementing this one strategy.





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