The Only Reason Why You Feel the Way You Do


What are you blaming in your life for feeling the way you do? What have you been telling yourself is creating your frustration, overwhelm and stress? The pandemic? Your kids? your job? Your weight? Your in laws?


This is one of the biggest lies we continue to believe. For years I thought the reason I felt defeated, stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated was because of current events, people or conditions in my life. And for years, because of this, I had no power to change how I felt.


In essence, if the people and events in your life are making you feel a certain way, you have absolutely no agency or power to change how you feel. But thankfully, this is the great lie. One that you don’t have to buy into any longer.


Guess what is causing EVERY SINGLE FEELING that comes up in your life? A sentence in your brain.


And this is the BEST NEWS EVER. We can always change the sentences in our brains. We can’t on the other hand change the people, places and things around us.


So, I will leave you with a couple of questions: what are the main feelings you’ve been experiencing lately? And why have you been feeling this way? And the answer to the this, my friends, is the sentence responsible for your feeling.


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