Living like your Body is an Ornament vs. Instrument



I was listening to the Compared to Who podcast the other day and Heather Creekmore posed a question that made my mind explode.  The question was: are you living from the perspective that your body is an ornament or an instrument? For so many years, before coaching, I had focused on living my life as an ornament. And for years, focusing on my physique and appearance was my default setting.  It was my escape to check out in times of discomfort. 


If you looked at my life 5 or so years ago, anytime the going got tough you could find me turning inward to find out how I could look better.  This was always proceeded by turning outward to find the perfect diet or workout plan. This habit did, in fact, dull my feelings temporarily.  However, as we all know, we can always find something to improve appearance-wise which makes this a perpetual, self-defeating process.


When I heard this ornament vs. instrument question a month or so ago, it basically summed up how I’ve been feeling in recent years. I had known that I no longer wanted to focus on being an ornament. This question clarified who I had chosen to be for myself and the world. It was a question that defined a period of time in my life. The era of being an ornament had ended and the era of being an instrument began 5 years ago. I am so grateful, thank you, Heather Creekmore, for this clarification. 


My purpose here is to help moms lose internal and external weight so that they can be the very best instruments in their life. The journey I provide my clients, which fulfills this goal, is the most exhilarating, life-changing experience. It is the journey I went on that began the quest to be the best instrument in my life. And I, along with several of my clients, can attest that nothing is more exciting.


There is a version of yourself that is waiting to be discovered.  Let’s go find her together. Book a complimentary discovery session by clicking this link:


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