The Game-Changing Tool


It was me. I did it. It is completely my responsibility.


I spent so much of my life avoiding these words because of what I made them mean. I used them to beat myself up which resulted in me feeling ashamed. Little did I know that they were the ticket to my success,  freedom, evolvement, an thriving if I used them the right way.


When we misuse the opportunity of personal responsibility by beating ourselves up, we strip the possibility that lies in using it as a way of upgrading our life so that we can thrive.


For so many years, I avoided taking a look at what happened and receiving feedback because I used the information as a way to punish myself. But in doing this I was robbing myself.


So how you ask, do we use personal responsibility as a tool to thrive?


Step 1) draw a line in the sand and commit to never beat yourself up again for anything you’ve done or haven’t done.

Step 2) get really good at being consistent at step 1.

Step 3) master step 1.

Step 4) ask yourself from a curious and compassionate space, how am I completely responsible for what happened? What did I do well? What didn’t go well? What could I do differently next time?


You will know that you need more work on the boundary to not beat yourself up if shame and guilt keep coming up. Another indicator is if you find your self avoiding the past event and looking at how it turned.


On the other hand, you will know that you are using this tool in the most powerful way possible if you are curious, possibly excited, and kind to yourself.




Want to get really good at this tool? I can help! Sign up for a free discovery session at:


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