Stop Believing the BS

Having a weight loss goal doesn’t mean you are vain or selfish.  Or, that you have been brainwashed by our culture to believe that thin is better and are a part of the weight discrimination club.   It also doesn’t mean not accepting yourself until you look a certain way or can fit into a certain size. 

I think that having a weight loss goal has gotten a bad wrap in our culture almost as much as thin and perfect have been something that has been pushed and promoted.  

What if your weight loss goal wasn’t a goal about how you look or your size, but it was about supporting yourself to live the best life possible because you are your healthiest version?   

What if it wasn’t about rejecting yourself because you aren’t what society tells you that you should be, but it was about creating a fun process in which you love yourself all the way down to your desired weight/right size body?  

What if it wasn’t about adopting a diet that would shrink you into a smaller version of yourself so that you could like yourself more?  But instead, it was about creating a food plan that works for you to support you to have the most energy and vitality possible?   A food plan created by you and for you that you could do for the rest of your life that sets you up to thrive?  A food plan that includes the foods that you love and others deem are “bad”?  

Our culture likes to tell us that we should be thin, perfect, and look like we are in our early twenties for the rest of our lives.  While at the same time suggests that we should be able to eat any food whenever we want, without any structure.  

If you fall into these lies, you will be on a yoyo diet for the rest of your life and not create anything that you truly desire.  You will continue to loathe yourself for not being able to live out the lies that our culture deems to be most important.  You may be in comparison mode much of the time and feel defeated after you’ve looked at social media.  You may think that you will only feel good once you’ve reached your goal weight and look a certain way.   

Being on a weight-loss journey doesn’t have to mean starving yourself and rejecting yourself until you reach that size.  

I’m here to tell you that you can lose weight and learn to manage it for good.  I’m here to tell you that you can love yourself and create a fun weight loss journey that you are excited about and capable of adopting for the rest of your life.  

 I’m also here to tell you that we are here to live out our best lives, not as ageless ornaments, but as instruments giving the world our divine inspired gifts.  If we aren’t healthy, we won’t be able to serve to our fullest potential.

Feeling good is created by a sentence in your brain and when you get to the root of an effective weight loss journey this is what you will work on the most.  The sentences in your brain are what create your feelings and ultimately create how much you weigh.

Want to embark upon the most amazing weight loss journey of your life?  Want to learn how to enjoy managing your weight in a way that is sustainable for life?  And at the same time gain skills that will give you the confidence to achieve any goal you ever desire? I’d be honored to show you how.  Sign up for a complimentary discovery session here:


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