What is Your Reason For Not Losing the Weight?

Over the past 22 years I have heard just about every reason and used many of them myself for not seeing the weight loss results I felt I should have.  We like to blame the weight loss programs that we try, our nutritionists, trainer, or weight loss coach.  We like to assign our weight loss sabotage to our kids for stressing us out or to our husbands for eating our designated meals.  

We tell ourselves that it’s not the right time and it hasn’t worked so far so, why bother?

All of these reasons and the million that I didn’t mention only do one thing.  They prevent us from achieving our weight loss goals.  

There are two reasons we don’t succeed in losing weight and keep it off. 

The first reason is because we keep quitting on our weight loss efforts when something doesn’t work the way we think it “should have.”  Instead of focusing on figuring out what will work, we blame it on some, or all, of things I stated above.  Until we commit to figuring out what works best to achieve our weight loss in a sustainable, enjoyable way, we will fail at achieving in our weight loss. This may mean trying a bunch of different strategies, but most of us give up after trying one or two strategies, only to go back to comforting ourselves with all of the foods we told ourselves we’re “off limits” in the previous weight loss attempt.

The second reason we don’t succeed is because we keep blaming ourselves in a way that ends in self sabotage instead of taking full responsibility in a powerful, proactive manner.  I’m going to get really candid with you!  There is a multi-billion dollar food industry that wants us all to be addicted to consuming their products.  If we don’t acknowledge the environment we are living in and how it may affect us we won’t be able to set ourselves up for success. 

I’ve seen so many of my clients and myself get frustrated because we struggle to free ourselves from being “hooked” on certain foods/drinks.  It’s completely normal to live in our society and feel “hooked” on food and drink when these foods and drinks are created to cause addiction.

Ultimately, we each need to play an active role in figuring out what works to lose the weight and keep it off as there is no single weight loss journey that applies to everyone.  That, and realize that we do live in a world that encourages us to eat all of the things to feel better while being trim and fit. We live in a world that is more concerned with profiting off our yoyo dieting more than it would if it were to encourage us to lose the weight once and for all. 

YOU can absolutely achieve your weight loss and wellness goals.  You have not failed one bit.  We live in a broken system that gains more from our feeling like we have failed than they would if we had succeeded. 

Weight loss isn’t complicated when you adopt the things I have discussed in this blog. Let me help you on your weight loss journey to figure out a sustainable and enjoyable plan that you can stick to and feel good about. I can’t wait to meet with you in a complimentary discovery session: https://calendly.com/bestversion76/60min.


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