Got Weight Loss?

If we want to achieve our weight loss goals we must MAKE EATING BORING. Don’t allow yourself to do any other activity while eating. Most of us are on our phones, watching TV or engaging in some other activity while we’re eating. 

While this may seem innocent, it creates extra dopamine that we marry to our eating experience. If we were to take away our distractions and focus on the food that we are eating it becomes a pretty boring activity. Especially if it’s a food that is nutrient dense and low in sugar and other addictive properties.  

Eating was not designed to be a luxurious, euphoric, pleasure driven experience. Sure, food is meant to satiate us and provide sustenance so that we can function optimally, but it wasn’t designed to give us an immense amount of pleasure. 

Unfortunately, the food industry has capitalized by increasing our dopamine levels with the addition of more and more sugar to foods. Pair that with the dopamine we get from checking social media, shopping online or watching Netflix and it becomes a high dopamine producing, addictive experience.

Want to lose weight?  Divorce eating from all other activity. When we take all other activity away and solely focus on eating we can tune into our body.  We can start to pay attention to how the food tastes, notice our hunger and if we truly want to eat everything that is on our plate.  Let’s make eating a very boring activity.   My guess is that once we master this, the weight will start to fall off.  


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