A Trip to the Grocery Store and a Hug from a Stranger

My typical trip to the grocery store looks a little something like this: I have my list of items, go as fast as I possibly can through the store and find the fastest possible checkout line. Sometimes I’ll even put a podcast on during that time. Lately however, I have been intentional about focusing onContinue reading “A Trip to the Grocery Store and a Hug from a Stranger”

Are you feeding your soul or starving it?

Do you run your life according to a checklist, a to do list? Do you listen to what your heart desires? Or do you fill all of the space up with noise, music, TV, podcasts, other people and being so busy you don’t have to hear that one small voice? Most of us have definingContinue reading “Are you feeding your soul or starving it?”

La Belle Vie TJ2

I was motivated and compelled to start this blog after seeing my best friend, Jennifer O’Brien Leach, go through the lowest of lows in her life. She seemingly brought the best version of herself to each day she had in the last few months of her life.

Jennifer was always full of life, laughter and optimism. She had her struggles, but never let them weigh her down or detract from pouring love into everyone she spent time with. She continually had a desire to make the best of what life had dealt her. To infuse even her lowest, darkest moments with a sense of love, humor and lightness.