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Jennifer is a wonderful coach who really helped me break through old patterns and get in touch with what was holding me back.  She is smart and warm and asked insightful questions that allowed me to really open up and be feel comfortable.  I highly recommend her!
-Alison Cady

Jen will teach the tools you will use to transform ALL parts of your life. It’s so much more than just a weight loss tool. My anxiety, stress, mood, and outlook on life have all improved in ways I couldn’t have imagined. And the ‘icing on the cake,’ I’ve lost over 20 pounds so far. But it’s about SO MUCH MORE than weight loss.
-Jennifer LeVasseur

Working with Jen has been such a great experience. I’ve been able to change my “all or nothing thinking” about dieting. She taught me how to see health and weight loss as a journey that I can enjoy along the way. I have so much more compassion for myself. I’ve shed so much mental weight that I didn’t even realize I was carrying around. Jen helped me set up a great foundation of internal motivation that’s creating external success.
As a coach, I appreciated that Jen gave me so much space to think and then she really listened to what I said. I never felt like she judged me at all. Instead, she showed me how much I judged myself and helped me stop doing it. She has a beautiful way of trusting her client’s ability to find the best answers within themselves.
-Sara Andrews

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