Must Read if You Are a Mom

I have to be real with you all.  I have been feeling stressed recently.  And for a while I let it affect how I was showing up for my life: my kids, my husband, my coaching, and everything else.

And I know if I continue down this path, the compound effect it’ll have is severe.  The effect will be a life that I’m not present for because I’m always looking to escape through numbing out with: a screen, food, validation from others, or the other million ways that we can do this. 

Continuing down this path would ultimately affect my health on every level.  My immune system would go down and I will be miserable.  The compound effect of this stress moves me far away from everything I want in my life.

That is if I let it continue.  However, I have a gift that allows me to shift my perspective and create exactly what I want if I chose. That is the gift of coaching.  I have a coach that I speak with each week that allows me to see what I’m creating and holds a space that no friend or family member (no offense) could ever provide to me. 

At this point, you may be wondering why I’m writing this blog.  I am writing this because it occurred to me how many other momma’s are feeling the same way.  It touched me to my core when I thought of how many momma’s are feeling the same and how their lives and families are being negatively affected. 

I believe that mommas are the glue and the feeling behind most families.  It is my mission to serve all of the momma’s out there because I know this group will make a difference for future generations. 

I specialize in weight loss, but I also offer general life coaching which addresses everything. I want to help you, momma.  Each of you is amazing, you just need to be reminded and have a sacred space that honors that greatness within you.

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for a complimentary discovery session so that we can shift your trajectory and the trajectory of your babies.  


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